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Ovinity is an online platform in Asia created by experienced healthcare professionals to provide trusted and evidence-based information to help you navigate the complex fertility landscape.

We created this platform to faciliate collaboration and share evidence-based information among the different stakeholders involved with fertility in Asia.













For patients, we understand your fertility journey is one of the most important and challenging decisions you and your partner will make in your life.

We offer access to evidence-based resources to help you make informative decisions on your reproductive services.

For healthcare professionals and fertility stakeholders, we offer opportunites to collaborate and find solutions to increase quality of care and patient satisfaction.


Common IVF Blood Test

Whether you are actively trying to concieve and unable to get pregnant after 12 months or you are planning for an egg freeze cycle and would like to assess your ovarian reserve, blood tests are a standard part of the fertility work up done by the fertility doctor to...

When is the optimal time to freeze your eggs?

Women who delay childbirth may face infertility by the time they are ready to get pregnant as a women’s fertility is strongly influenced by her age. Age-related decline in fertility is primarily from the decline in the quality and quantity of the eggs. As such,...

Egg freezing vs. Embryo freezing

  In the past, women only had the option of freezing an embryo if they wanted to preserve their fertility. This meant that if the woman was single and wanted to preserve her fertility, she had to find a sperm donor to fertilize the egg before it was frozen....

How does birth control pills affect IVF?

Birth control pills are one of the most popular and effective methods to prevent pregnancy when taken correctly. People will be surprised to know that birth control pills are also used in IVF to improve the chances of pregnancy. How birth control pills affect the...

Natural Cycle IVF

  Natural cycle IVF is IVF without the use of hormonal medications to stimulate the ovary to produce multiple mature eggs. Natural cycle IVF works with the woman’s own ovulation cycle to produce mature egg(s) and the fertility doctor collects the single dominate...

In Vitro Maturation (IVM)

In vitro maturation (IVM) is a new technique in assisted reproductive technology in which immature eggs are collected from the ovaries and matured in the laboratory before being fertilized. IVM of human eggs was first introduced in 1965 but the first successful...


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